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Relief pitcher Joe Nathan comes to mind; others I can think of off the top of my head are Troy Percival and Mike Marshall.(Marshall played four full seasons at shortstop, making 68 errors one season in the California League and playing a full year at Class AA before being sent to the mound.) But they all made the transition to the mound before they reached the majors, when they were relatively young.Ron Mahay reached the majors as an outfielder, then went back to the minors to become a pitcher.Here’s how Jeff Moshier told the story in the August 8, 1944, edition of the St.Petersburg (Fla.) Evening Independent: [Chapman’s] club was taking a 10-1 beating and since a Class B league club only carries six pitchers, Chapman saw no sense in wasting another, decided to pitch himself.And once you've binge-watched this whole list, check out the best comedy movies, the best romantic movies, and the best TV shows streaming on Netflix right now.

Now go forth, fellow Netflix Bingers, and get ready to never leave your couch cold again.Although he hadn’t pitched since 1927, when as an 18-year-old semi-pro the first eight men who faced him hit safely, the veteran ex-big leaguer surprised even himself by holding the opposing team to one hit, a home run, and the Colts rallied to tie the score at 11-11.That started Chapman on his new career…Ben’s pitching debut [on Friday, June 5] came against the Portsmouth Cubs, managed by his former New York Yankee teammate, Tony Lazzeri [who, like Chapman, also played for his team].But thankfully, now we have  Netflix, the addictive online service inherently designed to make the video rental process ten times quicker and easier than before.Even though, you could get DVDs mailed (lol) still, it's all about the "Watch Instantly" option.

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Bob Lemon came to the major leagues as a third baseman and also played center field before moving to the mound.

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