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They were still poorly understood by the public at large, and many people were unsure about what these new machines could actually do, as well as what sorts of tasks they should do.“There are fewer and fewer operations today that a man can do which a well educated computer cannot do faster and more accurately,” a columnist in the London Times wrote, synthesizing the growing anxiety about computers in the culture at large.

It could really go any way, but the likelihood of any of it being as compelling as Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, or Fester is already extremely low.

The way these movies are now mapped out in terms of canonization and seemingly never-ending storylines means that there’s always multiple projects to be looking forward to within the same franchise.

It’s not enough to be excited about cartoons that spurred an animated series, an ABC TV show, and two very good Barry Sonnenfeld movies.

In the early days of computer dating, however, machine-mediated romantic interactions were often considered untoward or slightly shocking, for reasons similar to the ones that kept women from working alongside men at night.

The idea that women and men might meet casually, for sex, instead of within a social context that positioned marriage as the objective, hindered computer dating.

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Early mainframes were prone to breakdowns and human labor was a key part of the fiction of effortless automation represented in the popular press.

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