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'It was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life... Within minutes, police, medical staff, marathon staff [arrived] and were just trying to carry people off as quickly as possible.''Police swarmed immediately,' he said. I saw a woman being carried by two men and I am almost positive her left leg was blown off at the knee.''You have to investigate them all,' he said. 'They removed one or two people after patting them down. Remember you can read more about each Grand National winner by clicking on the horses name.Witnesses have described how twin bomb blasts turned the 26th mile of the Boston Marathon into a war zone, littering the final stretch of the race with disembodied limbs, wounded runners who lost their legs, and a lone shoe with flesh still in it.The Grand National has lots of famous winners in its history.

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Several news outlets have reported that ball bearings were used in the bombs.

The small steel balls are popular among bomb-makers the world over because each one becomes a deadly projectile when launched by the explosive force of a bomb.

Nicole Gross, 31, is covered in dirt and blood and looks on in shock as she is surrounded by a scene of carnage. C., suffered compound fractures in her legs Doctors treating victims at hospitals across the city said many of the injuries had been caused by 'small metal debris', but could not confirm if they were ball bearings, which would point towards the type of device used.'It's just depressing that it's intentional.

I can't say I've ever seen this volume of patients come this quickly with this type of injury,' he told the Daily Telegraph after having already carried out six operations.

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