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I want the default view to be Read Only and to display an edit icon to switch to edit mode.When in edit mode, I want to display save/cancel icons to commit or cancel the update.I can see the control switch to edit mode properly, but after clicking the save icon, the overriden Item Updating event that I wrote does not fire. The Mode Changing and Init events fire because they specify a Handles clause.

Is Post Back is always true when the Init for the Details View is called.I also tried manually specifying an On Item Updating value as you described but it still does not fire.Item Updating event not fired for Details View I have problem with Item Updating event in Details view.This allows you to provide an event handler that performs a custom routine, such as canceling the update operation, whenever this event occurs.A Details View Update Event Args object is passed to the event handler, which allows you to determine the index of the record being updated and to indicate that the update operation should be canceled. New Values collections, if necessary, before the values are passed to the data source.

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