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In general, a cache dependency can be another item in the cache, a file on the file system, or data from a Microsoft SQL Server database.

When the dependency changes or is removed from the cache, the cache items it is associated with are automatically evicted from the cache.

It also allows for domain knowledge and division of labor a developer working on the Presentation Layer doesn t need to be familiar with the database s details in order to do her job.

Decoupling the caching policy from the Presentation Layer offers similar benefits.

Visit the page in a browser and step through the code when sorting and paging in order to see the data pulled from the cache.

First, a cache item is added to the cache and assigned the current date and time. In the preceding tutorial we defined a Grid View to include fields for the methods.The following pattern, which, at first glance, looks equivalent, contains a subtle difference that introduces a race condition.Race conditions are difficult to debug because they reveal themselves sporadically and are difficult to reproduce. These attributes provide information to the Object Data Source s wizard, indicating what classes and methods should appear in the wizard s steps.If the requested data is not in the cache, the appropriate BLL method needs to be invoked.Its return value should be cached and then returned, as the following sequence diagram illustrates.

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