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Generally, short hair should be trimmed every 4-6 weeks.

Longer styles can be trimmed every 8-10 weeks, though long locks may develop split ends or other damage that could require more frequent trimming.

You may choose to have your hair cut at home for simple cuts including children's haircuts and minor trims. How you angle your head to reach different strands will affect the curve of the cut with potentially disastrous results.

Enlist an assistant and explain carefully the type of simple cut you would like.

Simple hair cuts often cost less than , with budget salons and beauty schools even offering basic trims for or less.

Hair cutting that involves elaborate styling, such as perms, waves, coloring, or other services, may cost from to or more, depending on the types of treatments and the hair length.

This is a convenient approach because the hair is usually wet during cutting, and color is applied to dry hair.

This allows the color to set, and any uneven spots near the ends will be trimmed away.

Some hair stylists choose to color after cutting the, especially if the salon charges for color service according to hair length.

It may benefit the customer to have the haircut first if a significant amount of hair is going to wind up on the floor.

All types of hair should be regularly trimmed to keep it looking its best.

Short styles should be trimmed more frequently because growth is more noticeable.

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