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The second That Poppy represents the creation of an MK alter-persona.

The fact that the first one bleeds out of the mouth hints to the trauma and abuse suffered during programming.

Since this video, Mars basically disappeared from the internet, causing many followers to ask “Where is Mars? In many ways, she is the continuation of Mars, another puppet through which Titanic Sinclair pushes his vision.

Of course, I will not go through all 70 videos because that would be INSANE …

Kind of like making a 30-minute video of a girl playing a tiny xylophone.

In her early videos, That Poppy was somewhat ‘human’, expressive, and talked about music and being an artist.

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Currently live in Austin Texas but travel quite a bit.

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At one point she says: We this “behind the scenes” look, we understand that Titanic Sinclair is the mind control handler cand That Poppy is the glitchy MK slave.

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