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errors occurring after the function causing it returns) Since X11 normally does not do automatic depth switching, we deny visuals with a different depth than the "Default Depth Of Screen" commit 11c9b259bf82459b9383499c878a75d448489239 Author: Denis Oliver Kropp Date: Fri Dec 11 2009 0100 voodoo: Fork server for each client to have different Fusionees with full resource cleanup on disconnect.

This makes it depend on multi app core when more than one client connects.

commit c6c1118d33f69b8acbb9fd011b75e12ca4e170ed Author: Ville Syrjala Date: Tue Jan 19 2010 0200 linux_input: Don't check quitpipe fd is select() was interrupted When select() is interrupted the fd sets are not updated so checking if the fds are ready needs to be done after checking the return value.

commit 490e3e91abf6a9cdef668ab42c89c6d251700ff7 Author: Niels Roest Date: Tue Jan 26 2010 0100 x11: improved GLX-detection It seems a 24bit and a 32bit BPP visual were required, but instead the depth, which is the depth buffer, is checked. commit e7f404865c53984593c0ca66ee63c54347a2edb8 Author: Niels Roest Date: Thu Jan 14 2010 0100 IDirect FBWindow:: Set Options: add DWOP_INPUTONLY works as DWCAPS_INPUTONLY, but is a dynamic option. commit ba35178422ccbb7a10a009c5621e72860001359b Author: Niels Roest Date: Thu Jan 14 2010 0100 IDirect FBWindow:: Set Options bit handling bug bit toggling was compared with a wrong mask possibly causing toggling of DWOP_GHOST, DWOP_INDESTRUCTIBLE and DWOP_INPUTONLY to be ignored commit d0f706b2d04d13b76082372a8bdc4e36998f2940 Author: Niels Roest Date: Fri Jan 8 2010 0100 tests: add fusion_call used to test calls primarily to test skirmish transfer on calls currently blocks with 4 participants - only 2 transfers allowed.

Added the ability for the DFB input core to support input providers that provide hot-plug support for their associated input devices.

Currently, only the linux_input input provider has been updated to support the hot-plug capability. Added six functions in Input Driver Funcs as the common interface for all input providers (drivers) to implement the hot-plug feature (including suspend and remove handling), and updated the DFB input core to support the feature. Implemented hot-plug feature for the linux_input provider.

Ignoring them will make it less likely that MAX_LINUX_INPUT_DEVICES is exceeded and some actually important input device gets left out.Also updated it to only report support for hot-plug and provide devices if the systems driver (fbdev) has opened the /dev/tty0 for use. Implemented two functions (dfb_input_create_device and dfb_input_remove_device) in input.c which will be called by input providers to maintain the status of input devices in the DFB input core. Implemented stack_containers_XXX function family to maintain the connections between windowstacks and input devices. Implemented containers_XXX function family to maintain the connections between input event buffers created by IDirect FB:: Create Input Event Buffer and input devices.Patch by: Timothy Strelchun Date: Sun Jun 27 2010 0400 core: Enable Fusion message dispatching usage during shutdown Delayed stopping the Fusion dispatcher in dfb_core_shutdown().commit 0654893e61f4f5c6b00048d61d1f86d7d9bac234 Author: Niels Roest Date: Mon Dec 14 2009 0100 font: add API to load font from databuffer this also requires internal changes the font "probe" will now be passed either a file name or a mem struct with the complete file in it (file type detection by the Free Type library requires an undefined number of bytes).commit 844eb4d124498fd5268b029f4d27a68a6ea75f18 Author: Niels Roest Date: Fri Dec 11 2009 0100 X11: add error detection, better depth support Add detection for "late" errors (i.e.

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