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A double action pistol will cock the hammer and fire the gun simply by... The best advise I can give you is to check the serial number for one and know what year it represents.

You can get a list of dates and the serial numbers to match that date from Browning's web site just click on services and info tab and in the search bar type in age my gun. J Stevens Arms Company has been making rifles since the 1890s.

  == For gun parts &schematics ==   Go to the WEB search for gun parts Numrich co.

  when you get to the site look up Springfield   then look for 94 and click on it   it has almost every part & schematics for   all makes of guns.

Took it to a local gun dealer and two of the employees there looked it over and said I had made a steal....

  == Answer ==     If on the barrel it says J.

It was the brainchild of the famous trapshooter, Charles (Sparrow) Young. Contrary to what some believe, Springfield Arms was never a subsidary company of Cresent Arms.

The original front sight will also have to be remounted and the value of the rifle, which isn't a great deal, will be diminished. Flayderman's bibliography will reference other sources of more detailed information. Some units in the military such as the SEALs, use other guns... I just purchased a 30-40 KRAG Springfield, and payed 0.00 for it..

I am not a dealer but have been to sites where guns were forsale that fit your gun type. I have a 1898 model myself I am a gunsmith and dealer, I sold two some time ago. I researched it on-line before hand and saw them fairly close to the same condition as mine for 0.00 up to around 0.00.

    Some clarification: Springfield Arms Co...9mm Luger 115 grain ball for target shooting. If you can find itthe XTP bullet performs well in testing.

Fiocchi 115 grain XTPHP is good if you can find it.

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Value for this gun in excellant condition could be $200 to poor condition $50.

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