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The answer is no and the reason is because of all the abuse that led up to it.'I don't think it was right (they committed murders) and I think they would be the first to admit it was wrong.

Eventually the brothers testified that they were armed with 12-gauge shotguns when they burst into the den of their home and fatally shot their parents, while the couple watched TV.She said: 'We know who did this, but it does matter knowing the details behind this.'To know exactly what happened to them 18 years previous to this murder, it matters - and it is stuff people should know.'Edie says that the boys' excuse was backed up by more people all corroborating what we originally heard from the boys.'The actors playing the brothers - Gus Halper (Erik Menendez) and Miles Gaston Villanueva, (Lyle Menendez) - also have 'empathy' for the pair.Villanueva said: 'Does the punishment fit the crime?While both Lyle, then 21, and Erik, then 18, were found guilty in March 1996 and ordered to life in prison without parole - actors on the show, which premieres Tuesday, how have expressed sympathy for the killers.Some even feel they should be released from behind bars, they exclusively told Daily

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