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The aim of this paper is to analyze the perceptions that Estonian youth have about the imagined audience (Marwick and boyd, 2010) of Facebook.

High school students from Estonia were asked to draw sketches of user types that they considered to be prevalent on Facebook.

In focus group discussions that followed the drawing task, young people gave verbal explanations of their drawings and described their perceptions about typical Facebook usage practices of emerged user types.

Social media and the imagined audience When we examine social media, we are essentially treating mediated publics.

This study is based on a convenience sample; students were recruited by the first author of this paper, a media studies teacher in the students’ high school.

Participation in focus group interviews was voluntary, but all the participating students received one additional grade in media studies for taking part in discussions.

In other words, users end up creating an “ideal audience”, (Marwick and boyd, 2010) as viewers and readers of their profiles.In other words, in the Internet age, everyone is kind of like a celebrity, constantly monitored, and therefore everyone should take into account that public opinion will form about different aspects of their lives (Rosen, 2004).SNS user practices of young people Having a profile on a SNS has become “integral means of managing one’s identity, lifestyle and social relations” [10] among young individuals.Research on social media — , 2006; Whitty, 2008), blogs (Hodkinson and Lincoln, 2008; Stefanone and Jang, 2007) and micro–blogging sites (Marwick and boyd, 2010) — suggests that users are very attentive to audience and often “take cues from the social environment to imagine the community” [7].Empirical studies suggest that peers and close friends are most often viewed upon as sources for reference, their preferences and practices are noted when selecting the “markers of cool” (Liu, 2007) worthy to be put in one’s profile.

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Still, social media environments host a great variety of individuals with different socio–demographic backgrounds, lifestyles, and aims.

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